The theme for this visit is going to be 'Friends'                                                                                      Do you have one best friend, or do you have two, three or even four best friends?  Or perhaps you are friends with everyone? 
How did you meet your friends? At school (or even at nursery?)  Or do they live in the same street as you?  Or perhaps you go to football / dance / judo / cubs / brownies with them.
What makes someone a friend??? 
Are you a good friend?

So . . . . . . .  can you be friends with children you have never even met?  Children who live on the other side of the world to you?  Do you think of the children who you collect pennies for, as your friends?  

Welcome to our new website!          following Mrs Foster and Mrs Millers (from Hunsbury Park and Delapre Schools) on their visit to India.

Teachers - interesting info. on schools / assemblies / classrooms / birthdays etc on Thangachimadam page.  Plus two short films there, singing / saying alphabet (in English) and learning English - no phonics! 

NEWSFLASH!  My baby hummingbirds have fledged!                                                                                                            

I have been asked to put a link on to our 'Mydonate' (run by BT) page.    MYDONATE

Best bits!
  • Best news of the day!

    Happy news only!

  • Best photo of the day!

    Yes, this photo is  'Pants'!

  • Best meal of the day!

    Best meal or treat!  Yes, I know that I've always told you all that we just have three rice meals each day, but we are celebrating 25 years since my first visit, so expect lots of sweets and treats! 

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