Kodai Kanal                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Two projects here - a boarding hostel for up to 400 children and a huge school.  It's probably our most expensive project, due to the great number of children but also because Kodai Kanal is high up in the hills.  This means that everything has to be transported up from the plains by lorry, making it all much more expensive.  However, the children at Kodai are very fortunate in having many long-term supporters - Creaton and Blisworth Schools, Sue J, Jo T, Declan A, Hannah B, Burton Latimer Methodist Church and two Dance groups!   This year, St. James School have donated £98.19 as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       To read about this project and to see lots of photographs please  CLICK HERE                                       To see photos of my visit in 2012, please CLICKHERE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Creaton School have made these posters for me to take to Kodai Kanal.  I will put one up in the boys' dormitory and one in the girls'.

Abington Vale School - this is going to be your project!  Any pennies you collect, will go to feed the children here in the Boarding hostels.                                                                                                            So . . . . . quite a few changes here.  Before it was VERY overcrowded, both in the School and the Boarding.  Some of the classes did not have a proper classroom, but were out in the corridors.  Now there is a new Primary school building.  So much more space for everyone!  I will take a photo of it for you.   Last time I was here, there were 388 children in the Boarding.  The smaller children slept in the corridors - they did not mind.  Now there are new rules about how many children can be here, depending on the amount of floor space.  So just 150 children here now.  They have kept those in most need, but children who were staying here, just because it was too far for them to travel to school from their homes, have moved into other hostels.  One of the girls at Paravai orphanage, five years ago, is also here, so I look forward to meeting her again.                                                                                                                The posters are now at Kodai Kanal.                                                                                                                                                               



 Here are the children who live in the Boarding.

 MANY years ago, 12 computers were donated to Kodai.  They are still working well, despite being in daily use!  How many hundreds or even thousands of children have benefitted over the years?

 Here is the new Primary School building.  It was rather foggy when I took the photo.  Now the older children have much more room in the High School.

 These are the girls who were here when I last visited in 2012.  They have continued to be well fed and educated thanks to your very kind help.

 And here are the boys from 2012.  We always have more girls than boys in the orphanages and boardings.

 Meet Kousalya!  She is dressed as a boy as she had just danced in a performance for me.  I will put some clips of the dances on this page as soon as I can.  Kousalya was at Paravai Orphanage (Weston Favell Primary School's project) five years ago.  To see a photo of her then, go to the 'Best Photo' page.

Three clips from the 'function' that the children performed for me:-

Kodai Kanal function 1

Kodai Kanal function 2

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