Little Flower Orphanage and Boarding at Munnar                                                           To read all about this project and to see lots of photographs, please  CLICK HERE                         To see photographs of my visit in 2012, please CLICK HERE

                                                                                                                          The girls at Munnar are very fortunate in that they have many long-term supporters - June H, Jenny W, Laura Auntie and her friends and the girls at Southfields School who have made some posters for me to take, as well as collecting pennies for them.

Plus they all enjoyed having Clarrie Jackson stay with them for three weeks.  Clarrie and her family and friends raised over £2700 for the girls, which is truly amazing.  Thank you all SO much!                                                                                                                                                  This is the Munnar Campus.  As well as Little Flower Orphanage and Boarding, there is a Nursery, Reception classes and a very large School from year 1 to year 10.  Also a women's hostel, women's working co-operative and the Convent. 


Munnar is in the state of Kerala.  It is very beautiful.  Even though we are very high up (and so have a wonderful climate) we are still surrounded by hills and mountains.  Most of the area is now tea plantations.  You can see from the phot below, how it used to look with natural forest and how it is now with tea bushes.  Unfortunately, by pulling up the trees, the land is not stable and there are many landslides, especially in the rainy season.


Clarrie's Mum had given me some money to buy 'plum cake' for the girls.  

We all enjoyed it with a cup of tea.

There was some money left over, so Sr. Shanti will keep it and buy cake again for the girls at Christmas.

Yesterday morning I went to see the Reception children.  They sang some songs for me in English and then I taught them 'Heads and shoulders, knees and toes'  which they enjoyed very much.  It was very easy to teach them as they already knew most of the parts of the body in English.  Then some of them had dance practice.  It was so sweet!  I filmed them, so if you go to 'Photo of the Day' and scroll down almost to the bottom, there is a link "Dancing' to click on.

Last night, the girls in the Orphanage performed a fantastic 'function' for me - singing and dancing.  We had great fun.  At the end I gave them some nice sweets (Clarrie had sent them Haribo Tangtastics as well - yuk!)  Then they all lined up for me to kiss them.  I think that comes from Clarrie as well!  


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