Munnar Creche

The children here all come from very poor families or those with only one parent.  They are well looked after and start their education (although they think they are just playing!)  They can stay from very early in the mornings until the evening, so that their parents can go for work.  When they go to school (which is very close by) they have already learnt how to behave and sit nicely.  They can sing songs and have started to learn their letters and numbers.  So they do very well at school.

Jules and Skye, this is where the money Daddy gave me, will go.  It will pay for milk for the children, so that they grow strong and healthy.  I took some films of the children singing, dancing and saying nursery rhymes.  Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the link to see.


 Some of the children are wearing jackets, hats and other warm clothing as we are high up in the mountains and it is quite chilly today.  We think of India as being hot, don't we? 

 This lovely lady has been running the creche and teaching the children for at least 13 years.  She is SO patient and sometimes has as many as fifty children to look after! 

Click on this link to see some of the children singing and dancing -

Munnar creche film

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