Thangachimadam Special School

This is a new project, run by Sr. Shobana.  She looks after and teaches thirteen children plus there are two older boys who come to the school, rather than be left alone in their huts all day, whilst their parents are out at work.  They are also learning new skills.

Sr. Shobana is very patient with them.  The children's parents are so pleased that their children can go to school and are now able to do things that they couldn't before.  Such as go to the toilet by themselves, brush their teeth and get washed. This has helped the parents a lot.  Some of the children have learnt to communicate better.

This little boy couldn't stand when he first came to the school.  With the help of these parallel bars, he can nearly walk on his own - it won't be long!

The children have a good school building and plenty of space outside to play in.  They have lots of educational toys and games.  However, we would like to contribute to the cost of their lunch and drinks.  As there are only fifteen children there, it will not be very much.

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